What is Business & Life Coaching?

Business & Life Coaching exists to help people reach their full potential in ALL areas of life.  Our company is built on the premise that everyone has the ability to achieve greater things as they work on the one place they have control over… Themselves.  We all have blind spots and things we can’t see about ourselves that others can see. A coach helps you identify those things, tackle those things and conquer those things.  In our business coaching program, you will also build a business that runs itself to give you the freedom to live out your dreams and aspirations in life. It takes time and hard work, but to those that apply themselves the success rate is high!

How often do we meet?

Each coaching program is different.  Your coach will help you choose what is best for you.  Most of the time your coaching will be 1 to 4 times a month or potentially even once a quarter.  You can choose to meet with a coach one on one, meet in peer groups or have our collection of coaches come to your place of business for spearheading big projects.  

What does it cost?

Coaching has a broad range of cost.  The cost can be one time and range from $250 on up.  The cost can also be monthly and range from $88 a month on up to $5000 a month.  Each coach has selected pricing and rates that reflect the type of coaching and value they bring.  

How does coaching help me?

Coaching is like getting a locomotive moving forward.  It takes time and preparation to even begin to move the steam engine, but once you start moving it is unstoppable.  As the locomotive moves forward the inertia from the weight of it creates so much momentum that it is hard to stop. This is what coaching does for you.  In the case of Business Coaching, we have seen people take over a year off from their self managed company while they watched their company grow in their absence.  What could you do with your life if you could take a whole year off without losing your income or revenue?

What is the Kingdom Entrepreneurs Movement?

This movement of entrepreneurs is a collective of people who believe that our faith is part of every moment of our day.  We meet in many different places and times and are many different groups throughout the country. The goal of each group is different and defined by the members of the group.  The main goal is to represent Christ to the people around us through authentic displays of God’s love. Church is not just a building but a daily movement of people who gather together to represent God’s love through the display of our good “fruit” to others.  Why couldn’t this be your workplace? At the playground with your children? Or perhaps even at the local bar? Wherever that place is for you, the Kingdom Entrepreneurs Movement exists to help Entrepreneurs carry out the great commission in their day to day interactions with their staff, customers, friends and vendors.  See our upcoming events here.