Business as Mission

Business as Mission is defined by using your business to make an impact for the Kingdom of God. The world of business for too long has been separate from the world of ministry. Further, the world of ministry has been separated from business. Higher Impact is merging those two worlds. Currently we see this happening in 4 different ways:

  • Business Leader Development – We see new leaders rising up and living out their God-given talents in profound ways. We are raising up men and women who are healthy mentally, spiritually, physically and emotionally. These leaders know that their life purpose is much bigger than themselves.
  • Life Purpose – We are training entrepreneurs to ask the question “what is my legacy and how many years should it last after my death?”. This takes the business leader on a journey to discover what their Kingdom impact should be. We build a plan of how they can create the greatest legacy in their families, businesses, lives and ministries.
  • Using Their Business – By building self-managing companies, we are helping business leaders see how their business can be used as a tool. We help them create freedom in their time, money and energy so that they have more resources available to impact the Kingdom and truly build their legacy.
  • Inside & Outside the Business – We see the business leaders making an impact in the Kingdom of God through the people inside their organization. We are watching them care for the hearts of people as opposed to just viewing them as employees. We are seeing business owners using their talents to impact the Kingdom outside their business through financial support of other ministries, service and walking out their faith.