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COSTA RICA: January 2-9, 2024
“Goal Planning Adventure Retreat”

( Led by Karl, Jillian & Arctura Diffenderfer )

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$4,000 Discounted $3200 + Airfare

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Start off your year on the right foot. Everyone does goal planning, but not like this.

 What if you could have clarity and a clear plan for the whole year?
What if it was actually achievable?
What if it rejuvenated you and inspired you?
What if it followed a PROVEN methodology and framework that actually works?
What if it was holistic for all of your life and not just about your business?
What if you could align your Kingdom calling with your family, business and marriage?.

This adventure retreat will not only inspire you, but also give you the ability to dream and gain clarity with your God given purpose. By the end of our retreat, you will have a guidebook for your year. Here are some of the things we will cover.

  • Kingdom Purpose Plan
  • Weekly Behaviors & Habits Plan
  • Weekly Ideal Calendar
  • Entrepreneurial Time Management Plan
  • Business goals for the year,
  • Dreams for the year
  • Family Goals
  • Marriage Goals
  • Faith Goals
  • Rejuvenation plan
  • Step by step for each month
  • And many more

Day One: Departure Day
(Tuesday, January 2, 2024)

Depart the USA and meet your group in San Jose Airport, Costa Rica. On arrival, you will take a short ride to your hotel. Later, you’ll have dinner at a local restaurant and get a good night’s sleep for the coming adventure!

Overnight: Alajuela Area Meals included: D

Day Two: Coffee and Crater
(Wednesday, January 3, 2024)

This morning, we head to La Fortuna, stopping to observe the coffee harvest and hear about the world’s “social drink” during a two-hour tasting tour. Then we will make our way to one of Costa Rica’s active volcanoes, Poas Volcano National Park, where we hope to show you the aquamarine waters in the giant crater. What a site! We will arrive this afternoon to our spa hotel and enjoy the facilities or a short hike around the stunning property!

Overnight: La Fortuna area Included meals: B, D


Day Three: Whitewater Rafting and Night Time Exploration (Thursday, January 4, 2024)

Today you can choose to venture into the rapids, or stay back for relaxing spa time or bird watching at the hotel! Whitewater rafting with Class II and III conditions will be exciting but safe for all participants. After a good lunch sharing our memories of the tumbling river, we will return to the hotel. Tonight, you have the option to experience night time wildlife with a guided tour.

Overnight: La Fortuna. Included meals: B,D.

Day Four: Volcano Hike and Waterfall (Friday, January 5, 2024)

Today we explore Volcano Arenal’s lava fields with a hike through the jungle following the old lava flow from Arenal’s 1968 eruption. Taking time to cool off at the La Fortuna waterfall, we will marvel at the beautiful, powerful blue water. After getting some rest from all our exercise today we will head to the Ecotermales hot springs to soak our muscles and relax.

Overnight: La Fortuna. Included meals: B, D.


Day Five: Cloud Rainforest and Canopy Zip Lines
(Saturday, January 6, 2024)

After our incredible scenic drive to Monteverde Cloud Rainforest, we will enjoy a local “casado” lunch and then get ready for some adventure and adrenaline at one of Costa Rica’s longest ziplines. If you prefer a less adrenaline filled activity there is horseback riding available. We will end our evening dining at a local restaurant with an amazing sunset view.

Overnight: Monteverde area. Included meals: B,L

Day Six: Stunning Coastline
(Sunday, January 7, 2024)

Today, we continue our adventures and head toward the southern coast of Costa Rica to Manuel Antonio. Here we will observe a variety of monkey species, “hang out” with some sloths, and spy some natural beaches of the country’s most famous park, Parque Nacional Manuel Antonio.

Overnight: Manuel Antonio. Included meals: B.

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Day Seven: Monkeying Around
(Monday, January 8, 2024)

Today is our free day in Manuel Antonio/ Quepos area. We will have the opportunity to enjoy the surf and sand at the beaches, use the spa at the hotel, shop, or if you want even more hiking and waterfalls we can help you arrange guided tours of some other beautiful places close by.

Overnight: Manuel Antonio. Included meals: B

Day Eight: Return Day
(Tuesday, January 9, 2024)

After an early breakfast, we will make our 3 hour transfer to the San Jose Airport for our afternoon flights. We’re sure you’ll arrive home ready to share your adventure with family and friends!

Included meals: B.

We will make every effort to provide the program as specified, but several experiences are weather and conditions permitting.

Costa Rica - Learn More
Send us your details and we'll get in touch as soon as possible
There are add-on optional activities such as white water rafting, ziplining, horseback riding, and a night hike. We will charge the cost of the activities and will not upcharge on them. These are optional as one can skip them entirely and do something different. We expect each activity to be ~$50. At the end of the trip we will be at the beach and there will be a free day. There are several more activities that you can add. We can help with that process, or you can book directly through the hotel (the options are truly endless)!

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