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Testimonials are worth their weight in gold. They speak to the fact of how impactful this coaching could be for your future. Coaching has the potential to give you a 180 degree turn to put you on the right track for your future success. You don’t have to take our word for it though, watch below…

Results Based Coaching

  • Business coaches know the questions to ask to find the metrics that are important to you. They can help you find risks. They help you see problems. They know how to take a business to the next level. They can help you find how you are getting in the way of your own business. They help you see what you don’t know even when you don’t know it. They see the common patterns that we all make in our businesses. Not only are they aware of the greatest things holding you back, they know how to create action that will create lasting and sustainable results.Read More

    Business Coaching

  • What is that one thing keeping you from going to the next level in your life? Do you know what it is? Most people don’t. They have tunnel vision. They don’t have clarity of the big picture. They don’t know what their life calling is. They know they want to leave a legacy that spans many decades of time, but they don’t know what they could do that would actually achieve this. All of these things keep us from our true destiny. In life coaching we look at the behavioral, emotional, mental and physical elements that are keeping you from going to the next level.Read More

    Life Coaching

  • Most business owners don’t know where their marketing dollars go. They don’t track the numbers. Sometimes it’s because they don’t have time, sometimes they just don’t know which numbers are crucial for their marketing success. We build a tool that contains the marketing metrics that are crucial for you and we track the results. After we have begun to track our results, we modify our strategies and tactics to match what marketing vehicles are the most successful.Read More

    Marketing Coaching

  • True sales results create more time and freedom in your life. As you track your sales behaviors, you will see momentum and your productivity increase. As your productivity ur pipeline will fill up.Sales results are the fastest way to turn around cash flow in your life and in your business. Too often sales people don’t know the key behaviors that they need to track in order to create the success they are after. There are two key areas that are crucial to sales success.
    Generating leads
    Converting the leads to customers
    True sales results create more time and freedom in your life. As you track your sales behaviors, you will see momentum and your productivity increase. As your behaviors increase your pipeline will fill up.
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    Sales Coaching

  • True leaders are hard to find in this day and age. Could your leaders be better at leading? Do you ever have communication breakdown within your organization? We work with the business leaders, management and influencers inside your company. We help inspire them to live true leadership in work and home.
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    Leadership Development

  • If you could increase the productivity of your employees by as much as 40% would it change your profitability as a company? Engaged and happy employees are a crucial part of your company but most often employers don’t look at the financial impact this has on their organization. A healthy team makes a world of difference for you in your organization. If you have high turnover, internal bickering or clients who are complaining, call in a coach to assist with your employee engagement.
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    Employee Engagement

  • Your time management is crucial to the success of your life and business. If you had more time, what would you do more of? If you had more energy, how much more could you get done in a day? We teach you how to manage your time and energy in such a way that you can gain as much as 40% of your time back into your life. What kind of difference would that make for you? If you need more time, reach out to us for a free consult.
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    Productivity Coaching



Finding the right coach is important. Not only should you achieve results through your coaching, but you should feel inspired to move into the new you. We call this YOU 2.0. If you have never had a coach or need a new coach, one of our highly seasoned coaches will unpack how you can move to the next level. We care about your results and are committed to your success, so why not take 45 minutes out of your life to work on you and your business. It will be time well spent.


Higher Impact is a Business Coaching & Life Coaching company with locations throughout the USA.  We specialize in helping business owners and professional leaders go to the next level in their lives and businesses.  We help them work on their business, not in their business.  Schedule a free coaching session to see if coaching could help you go to the next level.



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