How It Works

We care about giving back to others, so we offer FREE coaching that gives you the time to decide if coaching is the right fit for you. During that time, we ask that you prayerfully donate a dollar amount that you feel is right in your heart to a non profit, church or ministry that is making an impact in the world. Often, a person knows coaching is what they need within the first free session. At each free session, we evaluate how we are doing and if coaching is a fit for both the coach and the coachee. As coaches, we look for the following qualities in our clients:

  1. Teachability
  2. Ability to Reflect
  3. Ability to Listen
  4. Values
  5. Self-Awareness
  6. Action
  7. Accountability
  8. Drive

Once we start the free sessions, we have a specific time-tested process that will give you life and business changing discoveries. You will walk away from the session rejuvenated and yet somehow exhausted. It may be eye-opening. It can be life-changing. You may see things you never thought about. You may become more aware of the journey you are on and where you are going.

 The first couple sessions we focus in these areas:

  • Creating Vision
  • Understanding You
  • Building a Roadmap