Coach Karl has been impacting thousands of entrepreneurs and leaders for over a decade. From the ground up, He built a successful internet marketing firm with hundreds of customers across the globe. His company was award winning and generated millions of dollars in revenue. When presented with the opportunity, he decided to sell the company to transition into teaching others how to do what he has done.

He has numerous companies that he owns, oversees and runs with clients and team members worldwide. Currently two of his businesses receive the majority of his focus.

Higher Impact Business & Life Coaching – he teaches entrepreneurs and business leaders how to build a company that runs itself so they can live out their life purpose. He inspires leaders to move into a greater version of themselves which he calls “YOU 2.0”.

He has over 60 patent pending tools, curriculum and resources that provide a wealth of knowledge, awareness and perspective.

He also empowers business leaders who want to become a coach by teaching them his duplicatable system. The coaching team at Higher Impact now includes many other coaches from around the country.

His latest company is called Virtual Assistants Company. This company gives Business Leaders and Entrepreneurs their own personal administrative assistant at a fraction of the cost. It is a social enterprise providing jobs and training for those in less fortunate regions of the world. The administrative assistants are trained to take huge workloads off of the business leader through an intuitive proprietary process. This enables the business owner to delegate large amounts of monotonous tasks freeing up the business owner’s time and mental resources. This empowers them to do the things they really should be doing.

He values connecting with people and he welcomes you to reach out.