Nick Francis Stephens

Nick is a passionate entrepreneur, husband, father, business owner, pastor, and spiritual and life mentor, who’s primary mission is to be a catalyst to the the life and health of families, businesses and individuals. This is accomplished by strategically identifying and investing in the lives of individuals who want to make the most significant contribution to the world with their lives by investing in their skills, passions, talents and the development of other leaders.

On a more personal note, as an artist, Nick finds inspiration and pleasure in quietness and reflection. This solitude, if time allows, is filled with thoughtfulness, contemplation, reading, researching, and writing. Nick is an avid story-collector, energized by diversity of thought and global travel. He dabbles in filmmaking and communicating life’s many narratives that augment and celebrate the human experience.

Nick has served international humanitarian needs on five continents with a primary emphasis in central/south Asia. Initiatives include leadership development, small business start-ups and consulting, teaching english and life coaching. His holds an undergrad degree in the Bible, a masters degree in leadership development and is currently “all but dissertation” pursuing a doctoral degree in global leadership and missional effectiveness.

Specialties: Futurist – Strategist – Maximizer – Connector – Activator