Tim White

Tim White, financial analyst and business advisor, has spent over a decade guiding small businesses to achieve stability and growth. He’s a visionary, and has a knack for speaking with business owners and leaders to pinpoint what, exactly, they love about running their business, and help them carve out a practical plan to move forward. Not only does he uncover the strategy for future success, Tim uses his experience and love of spreadsheets to detail how to get there. What tools can business owners use to streamline operations? How will they know if their efforts are working? What can they afford to invest in? What steps should they take first, second, and third to achieve their goals? All this and more are part of Tim’s leadership for small business clients. He forms his advice through very technical financial insights he can rattle off in a minute or less: budgeting, modeling and forecasting, financial analytics, data collection, process alignment, reporting, custom dashboards, and feasibility studies. The good news is you don’t have to speak finance jargon to work with Tim, because he tailors his analysis and recommendations to the business and the individuals he’s working with, holding staff accountable to achieve those goals and manage operations along the way.