Hiring For Today And Tomorrow’s Needs

Hiring in today’s job market may be the hardest it’s ever been in recent history and there is no sign of it getting easier. These market conditions are forcing employers to alter their recruiting strategies to just stay competitive, let alone attract the top talent. Nearly 73% of recruiters polled in a recent survey noted they are struggling to find relevant candidates.

Business owners have a lot on their minds, but hiring cannot be pushed to the side. A short-term mindset on hiring can leave a business with long-term problems. Building a hiring pipeline of candidates is just as important as a full sales pipeline for the longevity of a company.

To sustain success in sales and business growth, one must develop a comprehensive, continuous recruiting strategy that fills a team’s hiring needs today while anticipating one’s needs in the future as your business grows.

Here are three keys to keep in mind when recruiting for your business:

  1. Constantly Be Searching For Talent

Even when you don’t have any open positions, always have a proactive mindset for recruiting. Create and execute a recruiting campaign on your marketing channels, have a dedicated careers page on your company website, and open a general email address for interested candidates to pass along their resume. You never know when your next great leader will pop into your inbox!

      2. Hire To Hire

Depending on your business size and your day-to-day responsibilities as a company owner/leader, consider hiring a Human Resources professional to help attract and hire the best candidates for your company that can help your business grow. Industry leaders suggest once a company reaches 27 employees, it needs an HR professional on staff.

      3. Focus On Engagement

The best recruiters for your business are your current team members! The new customer for a business is its staff. Growing revenue is tremendous, but a team is needed to complete the work. Market your company to your staff, engage with them to cultivate a welcoming culture that will foster growth. Today’s workforce is seeking more than a paycheck and a retirement plan, they want to make a difference and find an employer with a purpose.

Many of our clients battle with hiring issues and best practices every day. The right people on your team can easily help you grow your business quickly. On the other hand, hiring the wrong people can be costly. In 2020, on average companies lost nearly $15,000 on every bad hire. Follow our keys as you recruit and retain your staff and also contact us to schedule a complimentary strategy session.  We will walk you through more notables in our hiring system and customize it for you!  

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