Blog: Hiring For Today And Tomorrow’s Needs

Hiring in today’s job market may be the hardest it’s ever been in recent history and there is no sign of it getting easier. These market conditions are forcing employers to alter their recruiting strategies to just stay competitive, let alone attract the top talent. Nearly 73% of recruiters polled in a recent survey noted they are struggling to find relevant candidates.


Business owners have a lot on their minds, but hiring cannot be pushed to the side. A short-term mindset on hiring can leave a business with long-term problems. Building a hiring pipeline of candidates is just as important as a full sales pipeline for the longevity of a company.


To sustain success in sales and business growth, one must develop a comprehensive, continuous recruiting strategy that fills a team’s hiring needs today while anticipating one’s needs in the future as your business grows.

Here are three keys to keep in mind when recruiting for your business:

  1. Constantly Be Searching For Talent
  2. Even when you don’t have any open positions, always have a proactive mindset for recruiting. Create and execute a recruiting campaign on your marketing channels, have a dedicated careers page on your company website, and open a general email address for interested candidates to pass along their resume. You never know when your next great leader will pop into your inbox!


  3. Hire To Hire
  4. Depending on your business size and your day-to-day responsibilities as a company owner/leader, consider hiring a Human Resources professional to help attract and hire the best candidates for your company that can help your business grow. Industry leaders suggest once a company reaches 27 employees, it needs an HR professional on staff.


  5. Focus On Engagement
  6. The best recruiters for your business are your current team members! The new customer for a business is its staff. Growing revenue is tremendous, but a team is needed to complete the work. Market your company to your staff, engage with them to cultivate a welcoming culture that will foster growth. Today’s workforce is seeking more than a paycheck and a retirement plan, they want to make a difference and find an employer with a purpose.


    Many of our clients battle with hiring issues and best practices every day. The right people on your team can easily help you grow your business quickly. On the other hand, hiring the wrong people can be costly. In 2020, on average companies lost nearly $15,000 on every bad hire. Follow our keys as you recruit and retain your staff and also contact us to schedule a complimentary strategy session. We will walk you through more notables in our hiring system and customize it for you!

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Your time management is crucial to the success of your life and business.  If you had more time, what would you do more of?  If you had more energy, how much more could you get done in a day?  We teach you how to manage your time and energy in such a way that you can gain as much as 40% of your time back into your life.  What kind of difference would that make for you?  If you need more time, reach out to us for a free consult.


If you could increase the productivity of your employees by as much as 40% would it change your profitability as a company? Engaged and happy employees are a crucial part of your company but most often employers don’t look at the financial impact this has on their organization. A healthy team makes a world of difference for you in your organization. If you have high turnover, internal bickering or clients who are complaining, call in a coach to assist with your employee engagement.


True leaders are hard to find in this day and age.  Could your leaders be better at leading?  Do you ever have communication breakdown within your organization?  We work with the business leaders, management and influencers inside your company.  We help inspire them to live true leadership in work and home.  If you have turnover in your company, or if you have fighting and bickering amongst your employees, pull in a coach to help uncover the problem and create positive relationships inside your company.


Sales results are the fastest way to turn around cash flow in your life and in your business. Too often sales people don’t know the key behaviors that they need to track in order to create the success they are after. There are two key areas that are crucial to sales success.


  • Generating leads
  • Converting the leads to customers


True sales results create more time and freedom in your life. As you track your sales behaviors, you will see momentum and your productivity increase. As your productivity ur pipeline will fill up.


Most business owners don’t know where their marketing dollars go. They don’t track the numbers. Sometimes it’s because they don’t have time, sometimes they just don’t know which numbers are crucial for their marketing success. We build a tool that contains the marketing metrics that are crucial for you and we track the results. After we have begun to track our results, we modify our strategies and tactics to match what marketing vehicles are the most successful. Your marketing should generate business for you. Through coaching, focus groups, customer surveys and employee questionnaires, we can assess where your brand is, where it should be compared to your competitors and your plan of action to get there.


What is that one thing keeping you from going to the next level in your life? Do you know what it is? Most people don’t. They have tunnel vision. They don’t have clarity of the big picture. They don’t know what their life calling is. They know they want to leave a legacy that spans many decades of time, but they don’t know what they could do that would actually achieve this. All of these things keep us from our true destiny. In life coaching we look at the behavioral, emotional, mental and physical elements that are keeping you from going to the next level. We help you see your greatest faults, your biggest strengths and how you can leverage them to create momentum. Life coaching can create massive change in short periods of time and can sustain it through ongoing accountability.


If you’d like to learn more about our life coaching platform and how you could change the course of your life.


What is truly holding your business back from going to the next level? Is it you? Is it your sales? Your processes? Your team? Your cash flow or profit?


Business Coaching helps you look at five key aspects of your business:


  • Business Development – marketing & sales. Learn what methods people are using to grow their business the fastest. Discover how to get real ROI on your marketing dollars. Learn how to sell without having to be a “salesman”.
  • Infrastructure – systems, processes and your team. Learn how to build the business to run itself. Learn how to use technology in ways that create more time or money for you. Learn how to build a solid team of people that want to work with you for life.
  • Production – where you provide the deliverables of your product or service. How can you do things bigger, better and faster for your customers? What things hold you back from a true customer experience?
  • Customer Service – Finding the right customers and keeping them
  • Metrics – What numbers tell you the most about how your business is being successful? What numbers give you clarity on potential risks?


Business coaches know the questions to ask to find the metrics that are important to you. They can help you find risks. They help you see problems. They know how to take a business to the next level. They can help you find how you are getting in the way of your own business. They help you see what you don’t know even when you don’t know it. They see the common patterns that we all make in our businesses. Not only are they aware of the greatest things holding you back, they know how to create action that will create lasting and sustainable results.


A good business coach should be able to pay for themselves within 6 months of you hiring them.