Hiring For Today And Tomorrow’s Needs

Hiring in today’s job market may be the hardest it’s ever been in recent history and there is no sign of it getting easier. These market conditions are forcing employers to alter their recruiting strategies to just stay competitive, let alone attract the top talent. Nearly 73% of recruiters polled in a recent survey noted they are struggling to find relevant candidates.

Business owners have a lot on their minds, but hiring cannot be pushed to the side. A short-term mindset on hiring can leave a business with long-term problems. Building a hiring pipeline of candidates is just as important as a full sales pipeline for the longevity of a company.

To sustain success in sales and business growth, one must develop a comprehensive, continuous recruiting strategy that fills a team’s hiring needs today while anticipating one’s needs in the future as your business grows.

Here are three keys to keep in mind when recruiting for your business:

  1. Constantly Be Searching For Talent

Even when you don’t have any open positions, always have a proactive mindset for recruiting. Create and execute a recruiting campaign on your marketing channels, have a dedicated careers page on your company website, and open a general email address for interested candidates to pass along their resume. You never know when your next great leader will pop into your inbox!

      2. Hire To Hire

Depending on your business size and your day-to-day responsibilities as a company owner/leader, consider hiring a Human Resources professional to help attract and hire the best candidates for your company that can help your business grow. Industry leaders suggest once a company reaches 27 employees, it needs an HR professional on staff.

      3. Focus On Engagement

The best recruiters for your business are your current team members! The new customer for a business is its staff. Growing revenue is tremendous, but a team is needed to complete the work. Market your company to your staff, engage with them to cultivate a welcoming culture that will foster growth. Today’s workforce is seeking more than a paycheck and a retirement plan, they want to make a difference and find an employer with a purpose.

Many of our clients battle with hiring issues and best practices every day. The right people on your team can easily help you grow your business quickly. On the other hand, hiring the wrong people can be costly. In 2020, on average companies lost nearly $15,000 on every bad hire. Follow our keys as you recruit and retain your staff and also contact us to schedule a complimentary strategy session.  We will walk you through more notables in our hiring system and customize it for you!  

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The Secret To Setting Goals That Stick

Thomas Jefferson once said,

“Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude.”

Hi, my name is Karl Diffenderfer. I believe that a self managing company creates freedom to live out your life purpose. This is the freedom I live in my own companies and now I help successful business leaders achieve the same freedom in their own businesses and lives.

As a Business & Life coach my job is to make sure that you have frequent paradigm shifts. That you see things you haven’t seen before. That you are challenged to move into a new and greater version of yourself. So… to get your creative juices flowing… here are a few questions that will begin you down the path of setting goals that are achievable….

What is the difference between a goal and a behavior?
How many goals should we have?
Is a goal truly a goal if we don’t achieve it?
If a goal is not achievable, wouldn’t that make it a dream?

As a young entrepreneur, my goals were dreams. Do you remember thinking you could conquer the world? That nothing could hold you back? Well, I was that same way. So I joined groups focused on setting goals. And every year I presented these elaborate plans in front of well esteemed leaders. And you know what? Every year I found myself only achieving about 10% of what I set out to do.

You’re not like that too are you? What I had to learn was that a goal really isn’t a goal if you don’t put your mind, self discipline and mastery of learning behind it.

Goals should be easy to understand, achievable and have a clear point of success.

A dream written down with a date becomes a goal, a goal broken down into steps becomes a plan, a plan backed by action (and self discipline) makes your dreams come true.

All that is fine and dandy, but means nothing without the key to setting successful goals. The answer lies behind these statistics.

The probability of completing a goal:

  • 10% ­ You hear an idea
  • 40% ­ when you decide you will do it
  • 50% ­ Plan how you will do it
  • 65% ­ commit to someone else that you will do it

Now listen to this statistic, it is staggering…

  • You are 95% likely to achieve a goal if you have a scheduled meeting with the person who is going to hold you accountable to that goal

Do you have goals that you just aren’t getting done? Do you have dreams you wish you could pursue?

If you do, then click on the “get my free session” button on our website. I’d be happy to offer you a free coaching session even if we decide not to continue beyond that first session. During our time together I will pour into your life and help you put the action plan with the proper accountability in place. This will set you up to achieve success that you’re after.

What are you waiting for? What do you have to lose besides your time? I promise you, it will be life changing and time well spent.

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3 Steps To Time Management Mastery

Over the past few years, I have been studying time management in greater depth. I don’t know if you were like me but I felt stuck with my time. I never had enough time, was always missing important details or procrastinated until the last minute on important tasks. Sometimes, I had something sitting on my list and I couldn’t seem to get it done because I dreaded or loathed it so intensely.

Hi, I’m Karl Diffenderfer. I’m a Business & Life Coach and the founder of Higher Impact.

So let’s talk about the three greatest steps I have taken to find freedom with my time. At the end, as an added bonus, I will give you a piece of my entrepreneurial time system called the Harmony Time System.


Time is the only commodity that we cannot get more of. Time is something we have a limited amount of but it certainly is a resource. If you treat your time like Gold, you will use it like you can’t gain it back. How many grandparents have we met that can’t wait to spend time with their grandchildren. It’s because they have begun to see that their time is limited. They cherish every moment, do you?


If you manage people at all, you know that in order to manage something, you guide it and tell it where you want it to go. Sometimes you have to control it. If you don’t control your time it will control you. If you don’t control your calendar, it will control you. Let me ask you, do you feel like you can’t do certain things with your calendar like take a true vacation? If not, then that might be a good sign that your calendar is controlling you!


How much time do you spend learning how to get more time? I often challenge my coaching clients to take a few minutes to define the things they loathe about their tasks and then ask them what they love about their routine. You can’t begin to manage time until you have defined what you loathe and love.

Ok, so I promised you a piece of my Harmony Time System. This system has been tested to perfection and designed specifically for entrepreneurs in any industry. I have spent years perfecting this, but it has helped me “gain back” about 40% of my time and has enabled me to not have to be rushed anymore (most days anyways) haha

So here it is: After you take the time to define what you “Love to do” and what you “loathe to do”. Then begin to truly manage your time by having days where you focus on your loath list and days where you focus on your love list. In doing this, you will be proactive instead of reactive. The result will be that you have more energy, more clarity, and will actually begin the process of gaining more time.

If this has piqued your curiosity and you would like to learn more about my journey to get more time, (if anyone can truly get more time) then do one of the following:

  1. Reach out through my contact form on my website. I’d be happy to problem solve or chat with you about your specific time management needs.
  2. If you love free stuff then check out my website which has tools focused specifically on helping you gain perspective on your time.
    The website is
  3. If you found this video valuable, Follow our video blog by clicking the follow me link on the screen. We produce frequent videos as a free resource with the sole intent of improving your business and life!

Thanks for watching. Make it a great day!

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The 3 Dire Needs Of Every Business Leader

Dream with me for a moment, back to when you were a kid. You’re completely free on sunny fall afternoon swinging on a swing. Imagine your feet extending in front of you and your hands pulling hard on the chains as you stretch your toes to the clouds. Do you remember the exhilaration of the wind blowing over your face as you rushed higher and higher? As kids we were invincible. We could do anything. There were no dreams too big. And our fears certainly hinged around mom tapping on the kitchen window telling us NO to our next hairbrained idea. We hadn’t been tainted by the cold hard realities of the real world. Life was simple.

I have a story for you that shows how the motion of a swing directly relates to your success in business. By the end of our conversation today I will share with you a true life principle that applies to you right now and then I will share with you the three dire needs of every business leader.

Hi, I’m Karl Diffenderfer and I’m a Business & Life Coach teaching Business Leaders and Serial Entrepreneurs. I love to start, build, run and sell companies. I remember swinging on a swing very much like this as a 8 year old boy. Of course, I was always trying new things and one of those things was standing on a swing when it was barreling at breakneck speeds. I would swing as hard as I could and then quickly stand on the swing as it was moving. Well what’s next for an 8 year old boy standing on a swing traveling at high speeds. Jumping off, of course. It was like a catapult. I would soar through the air, higher than I had ever gone. Time stood still in that moment. I’ll never forget the day when this idea broke my arm.

As a business leader, you might feel stuck. Does your business run you? Do you feel like you are living out the definition of insanity: doing the same thing but expecting different results. Do you feel like you can’t stay focused on the important things? Does your business drag you every which way like a ship tossed in a storm? You can’t talk to your staff about your hard decisions, and they wouldn’t understand. So you have nowhere to turn.

So my story goes like this. I had successfully jumped off the swing so many times and had soared so high in the air. But what I didn’t realize was that if I tried to jump after the swing started it’s backward motion, my leap was going to cause the swing to push backwards faster and force my whole body twice as fast into the hard ground below at a roaring speed. You can imagine how the story ends… with a broken arm. It was a hard lesson to learn and painful. But I remember Mom and Dad let me have yogurt for dinner at 11pm that night when we arrived home from the hospital. They said I was very brave and I remember beaming with pride.

As a business leader you can be very much like this story on the swing. Sometimes you attempt to leap into a big decision at the right time, sometimes your leap is not timed perfectly and you fall hard. No matter where you are in the swinging motion of your decision, knowing when to leap is critical.

So I told you that every business leader has three dire needs. They are:

  1. Loyal Camaraderie
  2. Self Accomplishment
  3. Wisdom from Trusted Advisors

So let me ask you, if you were to rate yourself on a scale of zero to ten how would you say you are doing at moving towards self mastery in these needs? Do you have the right peers with consistent commitment and accountability that can pour the right questions and insights into your life? Do you need an outside perspective to help you make the best decisions?

If you think there is wisdom in the council of trusted advisors, then click the link below to try out one of our Impact Roundtables. It is 2 hours of your month that will guide you towards:





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